3DS Max – Orthographic render with VRay Camera

Small script allows to set up an orthographic VRay camera in the scene.

You can download it from here: VRay Orthographic Rendering Camera Rig

You just need to set it up once. The script doesn’t need to be loaded/running to render the view later or even on the different machine.

To make a top view just rotate the camera. It is possible to adjust position of the camera (with the rig) and its parameters (focal length and film width) without the script interface.

I needed it to render sections/elevations of a hotel room in my work. It worked fine. Camera cuts the model in the place where is here center (origin).

The viewport doesn’t show orthographic view. The scope of the render needs to be tested.

Here is a quick render I made with this script.Room elevation


3DS Max – exterior scene tutorial

Today I would like to recommend you to take a look at another tutorial posted on RonenBekerman.com

Making of Scandinavian Summer House is a great tutorial which will plainly show you the basic how to set up a scene for exterior rendering using Vray and also how you can use the FloorGeneretor script in practice and MultiScatter plugin from R&D Group.

Making of Scandinavian Summer House