Dynamo – parametric design for Revit

Time to make mind blowing designs responsible to variable parameters, easily adjustable and flexible.

What Grasshoper is for Rhino this Dynamo is for Revit.

DYNAMO its a generative design plug-in for REVIT/VASARI, which make possible the creation of new possibilities in parametric design, beyond the products from-the-box. Its a open source initiative, this means that any one that knows something about programming can access the code and make improvements, create components, etc.. AUTODESK made their collaboration adding new nodes, functionalities and relaunching it as DYNAMO FOR VASARI, allowing visual programming in a platform that already support integrated analysis and performance based design. Right now it runs on REVIT 2013 and VASARI.

It´s important to be aware that DYNAMO is a BETA product, so you have to be patient to it and know it can crash sometimes, as any on-development product would do.” PANELBIM

Functionality of the plugin is expanded very often. The way of building relations is nearly similar to the Grasshoper. If you would like to download it check the links below for the latest version:

If you would like to learn Dynamo go here: Learn Dynamo or check the great blog by Zach Kron – buildz.