3DS Max – Missing Transform Gizmo?!!

Have ever your Transform Gizmo disappeared?
Here is the solution to this very simple but annoying problem.

1. Hit ‘x‘ on the keyboard.

Additionally ‘+‘ and ‘‘ keys (not on the Num Pad) re-size the gizmo.

It’s also worth knowing that you can toggle on/off the white “Selection brackets” shown above by pressing the ‘J‘ keyboard shortcut.

2. Go to the main 3DS Max Options window under Gizmos tab.
It’s the same option triggered by “x“.
gizmo options

3. When the Gizmo is completely missing check in the menu:
View > Show Transform Gizmo
Show Transform Gizmo


2 thoughts on “3DS Max – Missing Transform Gizmo?!!”

  1. The transform gizmo in 3DS Max has disappeared. I have gone to Options, the Gizmos tab and checked that Transform Gizmos id ON. I have compared all the values on my pc to gizmo settings on a pc where the gizmos do display and can ind no differences. Any suggestions? Lee

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