About Me

Thank you for visiting my page.

I made this blog to shear some tips and trick I learned or issues I encountered, that I solveĀ in everyday work with my architect friends and everyone interested.

My idea for this web page is to create a platform for people with similar interests to share on Facebook with there knowledge and discoveries. Internet is a busy place. Progress is very quick, we are busy people. Often we don’t have time to browse for information. Let’s allow information to come to as. That’s why I encourage you to shear with the others everything what you think would be useful or interesting e.g. link to software, plugins, other tips and tricks, textures, great inspiring visuals or work. Write to me or post it on my Facebook page.

About me:
I’m an architect working currently for Andraos Associates in London.
My main hobbies are architecture, photography and astronomy.
Probably like everyone I love to travel.

Please visit my photographic gallery page Pablo Gallery also on Facebook and Tumblr. You can see my works on my Facebook PasArt Architecture page or on my Portfolio page.

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