AutoCAD – system variables and PaperSpace

During one of the lectures on the Technical University the Professor said “Someone who use only Model Space in AutoCAD isn’t worth to be an engineer” šŸ™‚
So I decide to share some useful tricks about PS (Paper Space) in AutoCAD:

When you insert a viewport in PS and you see, that all linetype scales are dramatically changed…. don’t panic….
Just use a variable PSLTSCALE and set the value to <0>. After REGENALL you will see, that all the lines have theĀ scaleĀ from the Model Space.

In Paper Space each layer can have aĀ special configuration (visibility, color, line type, opacity and thickness). When you double-click on the viewport areaĀ you can set in the Layer Manager specialĀ  parameters for that viewport.
DVNT_21 May. 18 11.15When you need to transfer setting from one viewport to another… you can simply use the MATCHPROP command (the small brush icon).

Contours on all polygonal viewports can be edited with the same procedure as Polylines – with the Ctrl key you can modify all the vertices (add, remove, convert to arc).

If you prefer to read this post in polish, click here.

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