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Revit – VB.Net Macro to make Print (Sheet) Sets from Sheet’s parameter.

Back in 2015 when I started learning  programing macros in SharpDevelop in Revit to change  different parameter’s value like Sheet names, Room numbers or custom Parameters, I decided to find a time saving solution to something more serious.

In our office there was a need to create about 35 Sheet Sets for printing purposes from few hundreds of drawings in our project. Sheets created in our project were divided to series.  Because we wanted to have more descriptive information in project browser then just a simple Sheet number we added a custom Project Parameter to Sheets called “Drawing Sheet Series”. (i.e. Sheets begging with number 20 had this parameter set to “(20) General Arrangment”)

This way all the sheets in our project were divided.

As a beginner to start with this task I needed some help. I didn’t know how to alter Revit print settings. It wasn’t easy to understand Revit API help file but I found a useful macro at Boos Your BIM web page (link is hear) which is creating a Sheet Set from Sheets containing in their number specific letters.  In my case I needed to do it for all Sheets therefor changes were required. Additionally because it was written in C# and I was more fluent in VB.Net I decided to translate it.

Below you can find a final macro prepared for Revit 2015:

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AutoCAD – Filter current drawing layers

The origin of this tip is in the list of layers which includes all of the Xref layers (from externally referenced files) as you can see below:

Filter layers 1

My problem occurred when trying to find a specific layer amongst all of the Xref layers and other layers in my current drawing. I dont need to see all of the Xref layers because i do not usually amend them.

The expandable list of layers shows the same layers as a Layer Manager. I create a filter in the Layer Manager in order to hide them and make the list clearer to browse.

By default there is no filter that shows only the layers from the current drawing (I think there should be) but there is a way to create it.

This is what you need to type in the field Name in Filter definition to filter only current drawing layers:


I called this filter of course Current Drawing Layers.

Filter layers 3

To find out how to filter a layer list using different symbols please check this link:
 Filter and Sort the List of Layers

My advice is to create this filter and other useful filters already in your template file.

Image below shows my filters:Filter layers 2

3DS Max – How to make a curtain material.

There is a great tutorial at blog about how to create realistic curtains. You can find it here. The trick is to use Vray 2 Sided Material with properly adjusted transparency (usually texture map on refraction layer)

I was trying to use this material on the light shade and I’d found a problem when the second side of the material was also visible. My light shade with 2 sided material reversed was darker inside than on outside. Images below explain how this material works and what had happened.

2 sided material-BlackVRay 2SidedMtl – Transparency: BLACK – material not reversed.

2 sided material-GrayVRay 2SidedMtl – Transparency: GRAY – Front and Back materials mixed. Internal side dimmer then before.

2 sided material-WhiteVRay 2SidedMtl – Transparency: WHITE – material reversed. Internal side doesn’t represent the nature at all.

QUESTION: How to adjust the brightness of external side and not loose the brightness of the internal side?


I have found the way to fix that problem. I added another Vray 2Sided Material to the Front material slot. Here it is:

2 sided material preview

How it works?
With Transparency color in Vray2SidedMtl (2 Sided Material in the image above) in the Front material slot you can adjust the mix between the front and the back material, but then the back material in the main VRay 2 Sided Material (Front/Back Material in the image above) is override by any material in the Back material slot. Black Transparency color in that main 2 sided material ensures that the back side is as bright as possible. Other Transparency color will mix it with Vray 2 Sided Material (2 Sided Material in the image above) in the Front material slot.

It’s not the perfect solution. The light on the front side get weaker if more back material is mixed with it. Ability to blend the front and the back material in overlay or multiply mode would be useful to prevent that but that as I know can be only done in the Photoshop.

Images below present how the material behaves when the main 2 sided material   Transparency is set to black and only the Transparency in the Front material slot is adjusted.

2x2 sided material - black
Transparency: BLACK
2x2 sided material - gray
Transparency: GRAY
2x2 sided material - white
Transparency: WHITE