Photoshop: Turning off the Pixel Grid

I have stick in the office, technical problems with Overground again, and that’s why I can post another small tip. Something that annoyed me in PS – the Pixel Grid when you zoom in over 600%. It is turned on by default probably since CS5.

How to turn it off:

1. Permanently: select View > Show > Pixel Grid. To turn it off make sure Pixel Grid is unchecked. Photoshop will remember that setting.

2.Temporarily: select View >Extras  or press Ctrl+h (Command + h on Mac)

This will also turn off Grids, Guides, Layer Edges… everything under the Show menu. Next time when you open PS they will be turned on.


If you don’t see the pixel grid menu option, then you most likely haven’t got OpenGL enabled in your Photoshop preferences. To fix this, select the Edit > Preferences > Performance… menu option. Make sure that Enable OpenGL Drawing is checked.



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