Sketchup – Creating Arrays

Today something basic – You all should already know that but I there is always someone knew who needs some knowledge 😉

Arrays in Sketchup we create with a Move tool for Creating multiple copies (linear arrays) or Rotate tool for Creating multiple rotated copies (radial arrays).

Procedure is simple. Create a copy of an object and after that type a multiplier value to create additional multiple copies after the copy or a a divisor value to create additional objects between the copy and the original object.

For example, typing in 2x (or *2) will create one additional copy (or 2 copies total, the one you manually copied plus one you automatically copied using this step) instead of just one.

For example, typing 5/ (or /5) will create five copies evenly distributed between the original and the first copy. You can enter distances and multipliers until you perform another operation.

This is the trick.

Here is a nice tutorial presenting how to create a screw with a use of this trick.

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