Sketchup – My best plugins by Fredo6

Sketchup itself is a great program but lacks many features. Fortunately there are thousands free plugins on the Internet which easily allow you to do nearly everything.

There is one plugin creator which deserve a special mention – Fredo6

You can find his latest plugins on (you need to register there).

First you need to download a common library and instal it like a normal plugin.

[Plugin Library] LibFredo6 – v4.7c – 09 Apr 13

Next you can instal any of the following plugins:

In my opinion the best one are FredoScale, then Curviloft, RoundCorners, ThruPaint from FredoTools and GhostComp to handle heavy skp models.

Fredo Tools



Now you can do what Rhino can do or 3DS Max but easier and in more friendly environment. Good luck and have fun ­čÖé

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