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3DS Max – Vray Camera Manager

Hello everyone,

I was recently really busy working on some visuals for Hilton Hotels and because I was using 3DS Max and VRay hence I have a new idea for the post to share with you.

I would like to encourage you to install a VRay Camera Manager. Similarly as a Light Lister it will give you an icon/button which opens an easy to manage list with all VRay cameras.

To install that script vcm.mcr just drop and drop it to the 3DS Max window or Run it from the MAXScript menu. Apparently nothing will happen but a new position named VRay Camera Manager will be added to a list of available commands in the Customize User Interface window on the Toolbar tab. You can drag and drop this command to any of your open toolbars.Vray camera manager

Version Requirement: 

Tested in in Max 2012, 2013, 2014 but should work in earlier versions

Other Software Required:

VRay 2.0 or higher

AutoCAD – Separate Existing Hatches

Still in AutoCAD subject. Did you ever had many areas hatched with the same hatch any you want to get rid off some of them?

Another useful button is present in AutoCAD since version 2011. It’s accessible only from Options Panel on the Hatch Editor contextual ribbon tab. When you expand it you will find a Separate Hatch button. It’s active only when a hatch composed from more the one hatched areas is selected. (I couldn’t find any information about if there is a keyboard command triggering that function.)Hatches

Attached image illustrates also functions accessible at the origin point of the hatch and on its boundary points.

When you select a point press Ctrl to cycle between those functions. It works similar as for polylines.