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CHSPACE – change object space command – AutoCAD

After years of using AutoCAD  one can still discover something new and useful in this program. This happens to me every now and then.

CHSPACE command allows on a layout to transfer selected objects between model space and paper space and vice versa. It is in AutoCAD since version 2007.

Here’s a simple step-by step guide how to use this command:

  1. From Paper Space, select the objects that you want to move through a viewport.
  2. Type the CHSPACE command, or select it from the Modify menu.CHSPACE TRANSFER OBJECTS
  3. Next, the command needs to know which viewport you want to “push” the  objects through. This will determine how the objects are scaled and their final positions in Model Space. Bear in mind that if there is only one viewport in the active Paper Space layout, this will be a automatically selected, and this step will be skipped.

Here is an example when this was useful for me to move dimensions and annotations from Model Space do Paper Space. The scale of the objects was automatically adjusted to the Paper Space. CHSPACE Models Space

This is the view in the Model Space.

CHSPACE Paper Space

This is the view in the Paper Space. I have moved the dimension and the leader annotation to position them outside the viewports. Additionally I have override the dimension text to represent the real Model Space dimension.

This command could be a real tie saver. I’m sure you will find you own ways how to use this command. You can find some more examples e.g. here or here. Good luck.