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Revit – Cut Line Styles override

Short lesson for everyone learning Revit about how to change graphical appearance of walls, floor and roofs in plan and section.

Imagine that for structural engineer you want to emphasize the structural core of your building. What you need to do?

Go to Properties panel of your view and open Visibility/Graphics Override window. It should look like on the image below. Walls by default have thick outline.
Lines - no override
Notice that there is a tick box called Cut Line Styles in an area named Override Host layers. Check that box and hit Edit… button. New window will appear where you can adjust line styles individually for all functional elements of your wall, floors and roof.

For purpose of our task we need to make thicker only the structure [1] – the core elements.

Images below will explain you differences between options for Core layer clean-up.
By default there is no line between core elements of the same kind.
Lines - no edge

Change to Use Function to see thick line between all structural elements.
Lines - Use Function

Change to Use Common Edge style to see connection and be able to adjust it by changing Common Edges style.
Lines - USe common edge style

You can change Common Edges style in Object Styles window on Manage tab
Lines - common lines style
or override it in your view in Visibility/Graphics Override window.
Lines - common lines override

Thank you for learning with PabLab 🙂