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Advance Painter plugin – 3DS Max

Advanced Painter is a free alternative to other commercial plugins like Forest Pack or MultiScatter for scattering objects on surfaces. It doesn’t have so many options to scatter objects, but similar to MutiScatter it allow to drop objects on surface of other objects. This action resemble painting.


To install the plugin start Max, then go to MaxScript>Run Script … and choose the extracted file advpainter_1.6.0.mzp. A dialog box will inform you that installation is successful.
You may need to be logged as an administrator of your computer.
(I’ve also “Run as administrator” 3DS Max )

You can also create Advanced Painter shortcut icon to your toolbar (main menu bar, or quadmenu). The video below can help you to install Advanced Painter and help familiarise with its futures. (The way of installing it using drag and drop technique didn’t work for me)

New version for download is possible here: AdvPainter v1.6.0(x32/x64)
You can also try to install this version: advpainter_1.6.0_max2013.mzp  for 3DS Max 2013 up [only]. It works fine with my 3DS Max 2014.

You can also learn how to use this plugin from tutorials e.g.
at CGWORKSHOP or here.

Advanced Painter Icons – here you can download icons I have quickly created for this plugin. You can check here how to install them.

Dynamo – parametric design for Revit

Time to make mind blowing designs responsible to variable parameters, easily adjustable and flexible.

What Grasshoper is for Rhino this Dynamo is for Revit.

DYNAMO its a generative design plug-in for REVIT/VASARI, which make possible the creation of new possibilities in parametric design, beyond the products from-the-box. Its a open source initiative, this means that any one that knows something about programming can access the code and make improvements, create components, etc.. AUTODESK made their collaboration adding new nodes, functionalities and relaunching it as DYNAMO FOR VASARI, allowing visual programming in a platform that already support integrated analysis and performance based design. Right now it runs on REVIT 2013 and VASARI.

It´s important to be aware that DYNAMO is a BETA product, so you have to be patient to it and know it can crash sometimes, as any on-development product would do.” PANELBIM

Functionality of the plugin is expanded very often. The way of building relations is nearly similar to the Grasshoper. If you would like to download it check the links below for the latest version:

If you would like to learn Dynamo go here: Learn Dynamo or check the great blog by Zach Kron – buildz.



Sketchup – Soap Skin & Bubble plugin

Hello everyone,

Today something exiting and extraordinary for all fanatic of Sketchup and especially for those who love to build organic and non-linear structures.

This plugin will throw you from your seat !!! 😉

Soap Skin & Bubble

You can download it here: Software download page

It allows you to span membrane-like surfaces between any kind of edges* in closed loop and then…


*some restrictions apply: Lines can not overlap!

There are 6 buttons in a toolbar:

  1. Skin – allow you to create a surface (look below how).
  2. X/Y – allows you to stress the surface between X or Y direction.
  3. Bub – allows you to blow up a surface in both directions.
  4. Play – allow you to resume modification process after Stop.
  5. Stop – allow you to stop  live modification process.
  6. Help – it’s a link to a developer website.

I created small tutorial explaining how to create a surface:SOAP-BOUBLE-SKIN

 and an explanation what impact have X/Y Ratio on the membrane:SOAP-BOUBLE-SKIN-TENSION-X-Y

It’s definitely an inexhaustible source of ideas for creative people. Moreover after you create a structure, after you play with it, you can modify it with other Sketchup tools and plugins and still be able again to blow it or tense it up!

Here you can see how behaves a previous surface after inflating it, moving half of it and deleting some faces:VOULT1

TIP: You can blow up a surface using ether positive (+) or negative (-) values. Positive values will blow up a surface from a back side of faces. Negative from it front side.
What will happened when reverse normals only on a part of a created surface?


Revit – elevator plug-in

Check that guys – ElevatorArchitect free plug-in for Revit.

“DigiPara Elevatorarchitect provides free optimized Revit families to easily create elevator models inside Autodesk Revit software. Start the plug-in directly inside Revit and find the correct size and number of required elevators within seconds.”

It helps a lot. Watch the tutorial on Digipara website.
You can choose manufacturer real existing lift and easily implement into the model.


ElevatorArchitectElevators3D window

Sketchup – Isolate Selection

Are you missing that option in SketchupIsolate Selection. You can hide something but not the rest of the model. So good news. There is a simple plugin which adds another position in right-click menu.

You can download it from that web page or directly from here: isolateselection_1.zip

To instal any Sketchup plugin you need to copy it (extracted) to a Plugins folder in Google Sketchup main directory. Usually in Windows 7 it is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins

isolate selection

I know. My right- click menu is quite extensive 😉

They are other ways to hide automatically not edited objects.
Go to top main menu View –> Component Edit –>…

hide rest of the model

3DS Max – Floor Generator Plugins

Today I present something must have for all interior/exterior visualizers and not only.

CG Source released 3 plugins/scripts for 3DS Max up to version 2013:

  • FloorGenerator is a script for 3dsmax which generates floor objects consisting of individual boards which can easily be textured using MultiTexture.
  • MultiTexture Map is a plugin for 3dsmax that loads multiple textures and assigns them randomly, either by object or by material ID. With controls to randomly adjust the gamma, hue and saturation.
  • UniqueMaterialID is a small script for 3dsmax to assign unique material ID to each element inside an object.

Here you can find detailed tutorial by Bertrand Benoit about Using Floor Generator Script .

From Here you can download some free sets of textures to use with the Floor Generator kindly shared by Mário Nogueira.

floor generator



Sketchup – Joint Push Pull Plugin

In previous post about I miss out one very interesting plugin made also by Fredo6. It’s called Joint Push Pull – v2.0b – 17 Jul 11

Check the link. It allows to extrude ANY surface (or offset) No mater how bended it is.

I will just say AWESOME!!! 🙂

This way with free Fredo6 plugins we can do any shape and deform nearly anyhow. Type TAB to access options (thickening, continuity parameter, etc…)

joint push pull


(How to deform something anyhow I will write another time :))

Sketchup – My best plugins by Fredo6

Sketchup itself is a great program but lacks many features. Fortunately there are thousands free plugins on the Internet which easily allow you to do nearly everything.

There is one plugin creator which deserve a special mention – Fredo6

You can find his latest plugins on sketchucation.com (you need to register there).

First you need to download a common library and instal it like a normal plugin.

[Plugin Library] LibFredo6 – v4.7c – 09 Apr 13

Next you can instal any of the following plugins:

In my opinion the best one are FredoScale, then Curviloft, RoundCorners, ThruPaint from FredoTools and GhostComp to handle heavy skp models.

Fredo Tools



Now you can do what Rhino can do or 3DS Max but easier and in more friendly environment. Good luck and have fun 🙂